Thermal & Acoustical Insulation
product by DEWZONE

Thermal Insulation

      Properly insulating air ducts located in unconditioned spaces such as attics, crawl spaces, garages, or unfinished basements can help improve cooling efficiency.
     Air ducts supply conditioned air from your space heating and cooling equipment to your living spaces. They also return an equal volume of air back to the equipment to be conditioned again.

     Ducts are typically made out of thin metal materials that easily conduct heat. Therefore, uninsulated ducts in unconditioned spaces can lose through conduction 10%–30% of the energy used to heat and cool your home. The heating and cooling equipment then has to compensate for the heat loss and gain by conditioning additional air. This added conditioning raises a homeowner's energy bills.

      Without insulation, air moving through duct work will warm up or cool down depending on the application. Warm air coming from a furnace will significantly cool down, and cool air coming from an air conditioning unit will significantly warm up. This is compounded when duct work lengths are long. Metal duct work is a great heat conductor, and this is one of the reasons the heat loss can be so great. However, when you insulate A/C ducts with a simple covering of fiberglass or thermocol insulation, your HVAC unit's efficiency will greatly improve.

Acoustical Insulation

     Duct Liner helps absorb equipment and air rush noises over a broad spectrum of sound, trapping and dissipating the noise in the glass fiber matrix. It also offers excellent thermal-insulating properties, helping to reduce energy consumption thereby lowering

     HVAC costs, conserving natural resources, and reducing emissions into the atmosphere. The thermal properties of duct liner help control condensation, improve air quality and protect the HVAC system against damage from unwanted moisture. The smooth airstream surface offers low air resistance, enhancing HVAC system efficiency. Our duct liner will not deteriorate and provide sustenance for vermin, nor will it corrode the sheet metal it lines.