DEWZONE Offers a wide range of Products
Evaporative Air Coolers
The Evaporative Air-Cooler Supplies a Constant Flow of Bacteria Free Cooled Fresh Air With Low Energy Consumption.
Air Handling Unit
An air handler, or air handling unit, is a device used to condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system.
An air conditioning duct is a type of pipe or tunnel that is used to distribute air throughout a structure.
Thermal and Acoustical Insulation
Air ducts supply conditioned air from your space heating and cooling equipment to your living spaces. They also return an equal volume of air back to the equipment to be conditioned again.
Kitchen Hood / Kitchen Ventilation
The purpose of a kitchen ventilation system has always been to remove heat and grease generated from the cooking equipment beneath it, however it also serves a much wider role.