Commercial Kitchen Ventilation/Hood
product by DEWZONE

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

     Ventilation within a commercial kitchen environment is extremely important, not just from a comfort perspective, but also for health and safety.

     The purpose of a kitchen ventilation system has always been to remove heat and grease generated from the cooking equipment beneath it, however it also serves a much wider role. The use of gas cooking equipment creates carbon monoxide gasses from the combustion process, ware washing equipment and boiling generates steam all of which need to be removed from the working environment.

     In order to provide a safe and comfortable working environment, commercial kitchen ventilation systems need to address a number of key areas. For the comfort of those working in the kitchen, ventilation needs to be provided to ensure sufficient clean, cool air, furthermore the supply of air must be sufficient for complete combustion of gas burning equipment. The gasses then generated by the combustion process needs to be effectively removed from the working environment and expelled to a safe exterior location. The removal of these gasses should take place as close to the generating source as possible. Any system should be effectively kept clean from grease and fat residues to prevent any possible fire hazard or reduce the effectiveness of the system.

     Air that is extracted from the kitchen environment needs to be replaced, as a general rule approximately 85% of the total air needed should be provided by mechanical ventilation with the remainder drawn from surrounding areas. In some kitchens it may be acceptable to provide the replacement air by means of ventilation grilles in walls, doors or windows, if this method is used then some form of fly screen should be used to prevent pest problems.

Types of Kitchen ventilation Hood

     Commercial kitchen ventilation systems can be designed for either back or front of house, tailored to individual operational and design requirements. They can be either of a wall or island type with various options for filtration systems.

     Most commercial ventilation hoods will use either Mesh or Baffle grease filters. Mesh type filters consist of layers of metal mesh, as the air is drawn through the system the grease particles are deposited on the mesh. Mesh filters require regular washing, and as a consequence of this eventually require replacement as the mesh breaks down, they are suitable for kitchens where the vented air contains little or no grease. Mesh filters are no longer permitted within commercial kitchens as they do not provide a sufficient fire break should there be a fire on the cook line.

     Baffle filters are more effective than the mesh type, as air is drawn through them it is forced to change direction and speed, this causes the grease to separate and run off into collection troughs. Generally cleaning of the filters can take place in a commercial dishwasher.

     Other filtration systems are available, some of which are also able to remove odour as well as grease particles. We would tailor any system to your requirements to meet not only your operational but also budget needs.