Evaporative Air Coolers
product by DEWZONE

Features of Evaporative Air Coolers

• 100% fresh and filtered air
• Doors and Windows can stay open.
• Maintenance some moisture in the air.
• Cooling capacity increases as the outdoor temperature rises.
• Low energy consumption.
• Up to 80% more economical than Conventional AC's.
• Easy to install and maintain.

The intelligent evaporative air cooler

      The revolutionizes the concept of fixed direct evaporative coolers intelligently designed with installers and end users in mind; its ease of installation and the flexibility of its control system Configuration; make it more user friendly. Perfect suitable for Industries, Commercial & Residential Buildings.

The more features than any other competitive cooler. The automatic water level facility, the submersible pump, the long life cooling pads are features of the Evaporative cooler.

Principle of Evaporative cooling

      As warm air passes over wet filter pads water naturally evaporates into the air. The air is cooled as it gives up the heat required to evaporate the water. Cooling is provide by evaporative heat exchange which take advantage of the principle of the latent heat of evaporation where tremendous heat exchange when water evaporates. It makes use of the free latent energy in the atmosphere.

Energy Saving

      No harmful refrigerants are used just the natural process of evaporation to provide the cooling. Unlike air conditioning evaporating cooling uses clean fresh air, allowing odours and bacteria to be expelled naturally through the ventilation system without being re-circulated.

Balanced Ventilation System

     When evaporative cooling is used as part of a balanced ventilation system to cool a building, this allows the exterior air to be used most of the time, making the most use of free cooling when available, therefore minimizing costs and using natural resources.

     On the hottest day in the summer up to 22 degree C of cooling can be achieved through this process, thus providing excellent comfort cooling for most building requirements.

Mechanics of Units

      Water is brought into the cooler from the mains water supply and is pumped up to the top of the unit using a circulation pumps. The water is then dispersed over the cooling pads using a water distribution system which allows the water to flow continually over the pad.

Cooling Pads

      The pads become saturated, air is drawn through the pads and the water evaporated causing the air to cool. The cool air is then ducted round the building to provide cooling by means of an axial fan. Hot air in cool air out – evaporative cooling from DEWZONE Cooler.